• Hi! I found you via the IVT page on Community Central; because this is the wiki in question, I decided to write to you here.

    I coincidentally found w:template:adoption IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE at first, and consequently saw the English version, which led me to search if there's other versions, and thus I found w:template:adoption/pl. However, because of its layout and without actually providing the link for adoption; I went in and edit it just now, and realized the content seems to br originally actually written in Portuguese instead of Polish (not that I recognized either of them; I used google translator). Because of my inability of understanding Polish, I again used the translator, but I have no idea if it's actually saying stuff right, so I hope you can help checking out and if it's wrong, correct it? The template is now placed on the main page of this wiki; although I had to add "RAW:" because this wiki isn't showing the latest revision of the template at the moment.

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    • I belated realized you've helped modifying the template almost right after my edit lol. The latest revision NOW shows without using the "RAW:", but I think the magic word in that case no longer works (at least in preview it just showed "Adoption/pl"); so is it possible to change {{PAGENAME}} to "This wiki" in Polish? Thanks!!

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    • Vuh


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    • Hi there! I know it's technically not related to this wiki, but because this is where I have a thread with you so I hope it's alright to look pass the "off-topic-ness"; I was preparing to update w:Template:Wikia Books Footer/pl IF I find a wiki for "Ruby Red Trilogy" (Trylogia czasu in Polish), however, I found not one, or two, but FOUR wikis, SMALL wikis, too; I know it is farrrrrrrrrr easier said than done, and it's probably unrealistic to just propose it, but do you think there's a way of merging them all into one? Here's the statistics:

      Since besides the first wiki, they are all basically inactive, is it possible to just import all pages (renaming the ones that have identical articles on destination) there and make the other three founders admins there should they decide to go back editing? The founder of the first wiki also happens to be founder on THIS WIKI, and it seems like she opens wikis and then just leaves (which is totally fine), just that it is a bit confusing to have more than two wikis for the same subject... Usually I'd see a great page differences when there's duplicate wikis, but perhaps because I only got into Wikia this year, this is actually the first time I'm seeing duplicate wikis all having so little information... I feel like this trilogy must have a decent fan base in this language seeing that different people went ahead creating different wikis about it; I just think that it is slightly a waste for the fan base to be separated... Again, I thoroughly understand this is extra work and there's a high chance it couldn't be done, but I feel like I should at least raise the problem; thanks for taking the time to read! Hope you have a fantastic week!

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    • Hey there! I realized I've never properly thank you for importing those revisions and pages! THANK YOU! However, is is possible for doing the "unrealistic" part, making Użytkownik:Ewaryst, Użytkownik:SzalonaTruskavka_4, and Użytkownik:Isl789 admins on w:c:pl.trylogia-czasu, should they wish to return editing information on the trilogy they were fond of enough to create wikis for, and close the duplicate ones to gather the fans? Użytkownik:SzalonaTruskavka_4 has set up her user profile, so that may have to be imported as well. I'm only asking this because I've been talking to the admin of the German wiki for the same trilogy, and we've added interlanguage links whenever it is applicable on our parts; the trilogy seems to be relatively popular in Poland (having 4 different wikis, no less), just that the fans aren't gathered in one place, so at least I personally feel that by closing and redirecting extra wikis, there'd just be one go-to place, and by making all of the other 3 founders admins, at least there's a higher chance of someone responding if any of them decided to come back editing. It is sort of an outlandish and idealized idea, so I'd understand if it's not doable, but I'd just like to let it be heard.

      Thanks for reading! Have a nice weekend!!

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